Solar lighting in action

Green Thinking has successfully completed many solar lighting projects throughout Australia. We have selected a couple of examples to demonstrate how effective solar lighting can be, where normally only mains powered lighting would have been considered.
















Port Pirie Regional Council

In 2006, Port Pirie Regional Council (PPRC) in South Australia set out to re-develop the foreshore area of Port Pirie. This area had become somewhat neglected and was no longer being utilised by the community. Their redevelopment plans included a new playground, ablution block, picnic tables, barbeques, pedestrian pathways and a local access road.

During the planning stage, the Council decided to consider using solar powered lighting as an alternative to mains powered lighting as a way of showcasing Port Pirie as a green city. An economic analysis of mains powered lighting versus solar powered lighting found that solar powered lighting was more economical to install when the extra costs of trenching, cabling and connection to the grid were taken into account. An additional benefit was that the other infrastructure works could commence immediately without having to consider the location of trenching. This decision turned out to be fortuitous as the plans had to be significantly


changed during the construction process to allow for the diversion of a nearby road.

Work commenced on installing curbing, hot mix and paving in early 2007, all prior to the installation of lighting. Once all of these activities were completed, it was a simple task to choose the appropriate location for each light, auger holes (removing paving where appropriate) and install the solar powered lights.

The Council is extremely happy with the performance and the aesthetics of the Green Thinking solar powered lighting system which has seen the installation of 20 Green Thinking solar powered lights. Mr Grant McKenzie, Construction Supervisor at PPRC said: “The versatility and adaptability of the solar lights as well as the environmental benefits made them an ideal lighting choice for the project. With an adaptation we utilised the same lights along a jetty structure where they cope with the harsh marine conditions admirably”.